Why Should I be Member of Türkiye İMSAD?

If you want to produce quality construction materials in Turkey,
If you want to carry sector specific problems to the agenda in the highest platform,
If you do manufacturing in accordance with ethical rules, but complain about unjust competition,
If you want to participate in and express your opinions on the creation of legal regulations both domestically and internationally,
If you want to be active in foreign markets and want to act in full unison in every way,
If you want to follow the industry agenda (Competitiveness, export, urban transformation, building safety, sustainability, innovation, etc.) before everybody else, formulate your strategies,
If you want to keep track of the research reports of the industry,
If you want to position your company among the industry’s leading companies,
If you want to be a member of a big and strong family,


You should join to the Türkiye IMSAD members. For more information: info@imsad.org