Vision & Mission


  • To be the driving force behind the Turkish construction materials industry
  • To enlarge the Turkish construction materials industry
  • To participate in establishment and implementation of the regulations
  • To add value to the industry and the companies


To create the greatest value for all stakeholders in the representation of the Turkish construction materials industry, with a solution oriented management mentality.

Primary Target

  • To ensure the creation of related standards and laws regarding regulatory and supervisory boards, to manage these relationships
  • To participate in the standard creation efforts of EU, to represent the industry fully in the EU

Secondary Target

  • To undertake required activities needed for the construction industry to grow
  • To become an information centre for the construction industry
  • To facilitate improvement of the companies regarding common topics

Future Target

  • To become a direction indicator in all topics related to climate changes and their sub-topics
  • To offer value-added services for construction materials companies