SBE16 Istanbul


As Türkiye İMSAD, we are undersigning an important event on behalf of our country and our industry. We are pleased to be organizing the International Sustainable Built Environment Conference, held in more than 50 countries across the world since 2000, for the first time in Turkey. During the SBE16 ISTANBUL Conference that we organized to discuss and share the ideas, solutions, methods and techniques for a sustainable future, we talked about international vision of Turkey within the context of climate change. As Türkiye İMSAD, we emphasize the importance we attach to sustainability on every platform. We support this not only verbally but also with our actions. As you know, in 2014, we shared our Sustainability Report with public. It is the first report around the world which has been prepared according to GRI4 format by a non-governmental organization. During the SBE16Istanbul Conference, we launched our second Sustainability Report. On the other hand, to bring a common understanding and discourse to the industry on the concept of sustainability, we prepared the “Sustainable Construction Materials Glossary” in 2015.

Each year, during the International Quality in Construction Summits which has been one of the largest meeting platforms for the industry for the last 7 years, we made sure to held sessions and presentations emphasizing sustainability. In the 7th International Quality in Construction Summit that we held in 2015, as members of Türkiye İMSAD, we made a “Sustainability Promise” by disclosing our Sustainability Parameters. We took the initial steps for the subjects that will be addressed in the conference we held this year with the theme “Changing World Emerging Materials”. In the conference, which we set the main theme as “Smart Metropoles - Integrated Solutions for Sustainable and Smart Buildings & Cities”, we talked about the structures and the cities of tomorrow. A wide range of participants ranging from private sector representatives to academics, from non-governmental organizations to representatives of public had the opportunity to present 113 papers in 30 the sessions as well as presentations of 40 invited speakers. Studies done abroad and in our country on many subjects like sustainable future, climate change, smart and green buildings / cities, our present situation as a country, our problems and solution proposals were discussed and deliberated. In the workshop that was organized to determine the issues that the industry, public and universities should focus on regarding Sustainable Built Environment, all the parties came together and made an open discussion on the subject and presented their solution proposals in the Closing Session.

The International Sustainable Built Environment Conference that was held for the first time in our country also contained many firsts for our industry in many ways. Taking the opportunity, I would like to express my gratitude towards all who contributed to the conference, the authors who contributed with their papers, and our invited speakers. We, as Turkiye İMSAD, look confidently to the future of our country. We are working for the development of the economy of our country and our industry. In the coming period, we will always continue to do our part.

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