R&D Studies in the CMIITUTP 2013

As Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers  we keep working on topics like increasing the studies on sustainable development, innovation and  R&D , technical approval of innovative products, nanotechnology etc in the construction materials industry.

We know that in order to reach the three targets $ 100 billion each (export, domestic market size and overseas contracting revenue) set by our association for 2023, the protection of competitiveness in the sector has an important place and technology renewal, innovation and R&D studies are needed more than ever. On the other hand, as a developing country with a young population, it has not been able to complete the infrastructure and superstructure construction move, as well as the need to renew a significant part of the existing building stock due to earthquake risk. For this purpose, in the urban transformation studies that arise in order to improve the existing building stock, the role of the construction material sector will be great.

Within the scope of the urban transformation project, it is thought that innovative building materials will be needed for the building stock to be  rebuilt or refurbished. In order to analyze this need and develop suggestions, the research “Innovation and R&D in the Urban Transformation Framework in the Construction Materials Sector” was carried out with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency. In the report, the possible effects of urban transformation on the construction materials sector were analyzed and due diligence was made for innovative products.

The project "R&D studies in the Construction Materials Industry in the Urban Transformation Perspective" was completed in March 2013.