EUbuild 2007-2009


Awareness Raising about Potential Impact

of the EU Accession and Cooperation

in the Building Materials Sector



Construction sector is the largest sector in terms of employment with the building materials industry in the EU; more than 26 million employees directly or indirectly depend on the construction sector of the EU.

The building materials industry makes 4% of EU’s GDP, creates over three million jobs and around 20% of total manufacturing output of EU.

In new member states, Bulgaria and Romania, and Turkey, as the acceding country, the adoption of EU acquis and the achievement of quality in the construction sector are significant challenges. The implementation of Construction Products Directive (CPD) and CE marking is a priority for Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey. There is a need to build local and regional capacities to adopt both EU acquis and implement EU’s standards to achieve quality in the construction sector.

EUbuild Project, “Awareness Raising about Potential Impact of the EU Accession and Cooperation in the Building Materials Sector” will focus on 6 main actions within the Project.

Action 1.       Creation of the network among Bulgarian, Romanian, Turkish, Belgian and British BROs in the building materials industry

Action 2.       Two international conferences and two workshops in Turkey

Action 3.       Four uniform trainings (on CPD, CE marking, Energy Efficiency, and Environmental Management) in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey

Action 4.       Awareness raising campaign on energy efficiency and use of certified building materials in Turkey

Action 5.       Capacity building trainings and a workshop (on TQM, Employment and Fair Competition) in Turkey

Action 6.       A very comprehensive web page “” in four languages (English, Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian) to share the information on CPD and CE marking

Project Objectives

Objective 1. To contribute to the full familiarisation of building materials industry to the EU acquis and European standards in construction products sector through the BROs in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey

  • To establish a network to address the common issues of the sector on EU acquis and standards
  • To promote European networking of building materials industry training in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey

Objective 2. To strengthen the organisational capacity of the autonomous and effective BROs in building materials sector in Turkey through the network among partners, vertical and horizontal sectoral collaboration and awareness raising campaign focusing on the end users

  • To become the know-how centre for the building materials industry in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey
  • To improve the capacity of sub-sector NGOs on quality and certification in Turkey
  • To raise the public awareness among end-users on energy-efficient and certified products in Turkey


  • İMSAD, Association of Turkish Building Material Producers, Turkey


  • BACIW, Bulgarian Association for Construction Insulation and Waterproofing, Bulgaria
  • APMCR, Association of Producers of Materials for Construction of Romania, Romania
  • CPA, Construction Products Association, UK
  • CEPMC, Council of European Producers of Materials for Construction, Belgium


  • The Ministry of Public Works and Settlement of Turkish Republic, DG of Construction Affairs
  • YAD, Building Research Association
  • İZODER, Association of Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing, Sound Insulation and Fireproofing Material Producers, Suppliers and Applicators
  • DÇÜD, Turkish Iron and Steel Producers’ Association
  • TALSAD, Turkish Aluminum Industrialists Association
  • BSD, Bims Industrialists Association (for Pumice Sector)
  • ÇATIDER, Association of Roofing Industrialists & Businessmen
  • TUKDER, Bricks and Roof Tiles Manufacturers Association
  • TGÜB, The Turkish Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Manufacturers Association
  • DOSİDER, Association of Natural Gas Appliances Industrialists and Businessmen
  • XPSDER, Thermal Insulation Producers Association