2010-2012 EUbuild EE

Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers (Türkiye IMSAD), after the successful performance of their EUbild Project which was conducted between the years 2007-2009 for the conformity of the Turkish construction industry to the EU, got fund support from the European Commission in 2011 for the second time. The “EUbuild EE Financing of Energy Efciency in Buildings” project, which was among the 12 selected projects out of the 200 projects submitted to the Commission, aims for the improvement of the nancing tools and mechanisms for energy efciency in buildings. While Türkiye IMSAD also took the leadership of EUbuild EE, Albanian Energy Efciency Center (EEC), Council of European Producers of Materials for Construction (CEPMC), Sarajevo Canton Chamber of Economy (CESC), Macedonian Center for Energy Efciency (MACEF), Montenegrin Employers Federation (MEF) and Belgrade Chamber of Commerce (BCC). More the project partners the participating members of the EUbuild EE project consist of 47 agencies and institutions from Belgium, France, Austria, Norway, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.